Thursday, May 6, 2010


Living in Indiana, the question I get asked all to frequently is, "How can you be a Cleveland fan?"

My response is usually, "How can I not be?"

One of the things that sets Clevelanders apart from other fans is that we grew up with the teams. They are a part of our lives. I remember my elementary school had "Kardiac Kids" t-shirts (back to t-shirts again) printed up for all of us.  Watching games was a family event. Mom, dad, kids, grandma, everyone was in front of the tv. Or if you were lucky enough, you got to go to the game.

I won my first Huffy bike at an Indians game in the bleacher seats.

Every summer I looked forward to the dad/daughter bonding of going to the stadium to watch a game. When I was little my dream job was to take the "tom-tom" guy's job.  It was only when I got older did I find out that my dream job wasn't a job at all. It was just a fan, John Adams.

To me, fans like the Bone Lady, don't seem strange or out of the ordinary. They seem awesome.

Clevelanders stick together, and if we don't win this year, we are always waiting for next year.


  1. I totally agree with you on this. It is really nice to know that there is more of us out there than we think. Good luck in Getting back to Ctown.

  2. There are Cleveland fans everywhere, and we all seem to be the same. We love our teams and may rant and rave, but we are always loyal. It is nice to see we aren't alone :)

  3. Yeah, that's our mantra WTNY. Man when is that "year" gonna get here?

  4. I really don't want to have to change the mantra to waiting for next decade.