Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear LeBron


Dear Lebron, 

You don't know me, but we have some things in common.  First, I love Akron too. I went to undergrad there and loved it. As you know, things sure have changed down there.  I was there when you played for St. V St. Mary. Second, that place you accepted your MVP trophy, the JAR Arena? I graduated from there.  Both high school and college. 

So, you can see, we share a little bit of history together. 

I would never say I understand what you are going through. I don't have millions upon millions of dollars thrown at me. I don't have the entire city of New York courting me. So, no, I don't fully understand that part.


This isn't about you anymore.  It is bigger than you.

Let me explain. Cleveland is a proud city. Cleveland has been knocked down, jumped on, poked and mocked. But we always get back up. We stand up straight and tall. Because we are proud. We take accomplishments of few and make them of the many.  

We will announce to anyone that we were the home of Eliot Ness, Drew Carey, Halle Berry, Jim Brown, Michael Symon and on and on. And, LeBron James. 
Any Clevelander will tell you the people that were here or merely passed through. We do that because our lives aren't perfect. Life has been difficult for many people in town. But there is one thing we can all look to and join together on...the Cavaliers. And you. 

Generations of families join together to cheer you on, wish you the best. When you accepted the MVP trophy, you accepted it on behalf of an entire city. Our hopes and dreams are with you.

If you go to New York, you will break the heart of the city. We believe in you. With you on the court we all believe we can be winners.

Just something to consider.



  1. Sentiments well expressed. Good luck!

  2. Thank you. It came form the heart and I got a little sniffley. I hope he follows his heart, because he has enough money.