Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Didn't Happen If You Don't Have a T-Shirt

 It really is all about the t-shirt.

When I was in high school, I stumbled in what I thought was the coolest place on the planet, Record Revolution on Coventry. I saw the t-shirt above in the store and had to have one.

As I got older, every occasion has been marked by a t-shirt. Go on vacation? Get me a t-shirt. Join the sorority and there is a new t-shirt for every event.  I have a drawer full of old college tees that I will never get rid of. Maybe I will make a quilt out of them. But each one has memories attached. Like my Grady Sizemore tee I wore when I met him. That one will be framed.

Then came the work world and more t-shirts. Although these are not what I would call fun shirts. These t-shirts are used to identify you as whatever department for whichever company. These all go into the box of tees to wear next year at that same event in hopes of not having to buy a new one. Or, what usually happens, these are what I wear when I color my hair.

The amazing thing to me is that in Cleveland, there are numerous companies making shirts about the city. There is C.L.E. Clothing Company, BCTZs, Fresh Brewed Tees, Cleveland Clothing Co., just to name a few.

Here in Indiana?


I can't think of a single company that pushes the state or the city of Indianapolis via t-shirts or the like.

Maybe it's a Cleveland thing.

Maybe it's a pride thing. 

Maybe it's just a comfy memory.


  1. For Akron shirts, try Rubber City Clothing @ My favorites are "Akron - Where The Weak Are Killed And Eaten", and "Akron WITNESSED First".

  2. When Qounset Huts were still around I would buy t-shirts there all he time. My favorite then was one with a skull engulfed in flames with lettering that said, "Akron, where the weak are killed and eaten!"