Friday, July 2, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Songs

A great way to judge people is by what they have on their iPod. Few things are more revealing than checking the iPod of someone that is a music snob and finding it is full of Justin Bieber.

So, being the nice person I am, I will save you the trouble. Here are my 10 favorite songs of all time, in no particular order:

 Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

Yes, I know, the picture doesn't match the song. I first remember listening to Springsteen in elementary school, exposed to the live tracks on WMMS with the urging of Kid Leo. The songs of the Boss were lyrical stories. I didn't always understand them, but I always felt like I was on to something special. As I have gotten older, Glory Days makes a lot of sense to me. I guess because I like telling boring stories... 

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good 
I'm not sure how much there is to add to this other than it is a great song. No real story other than I can't resist singing along and blaring it on the stereo. 

Lady GaGa - Bad Romance

I'm not made of stone people. I defy anyone to sit through this song and not tap along or at least sing the "Rah Rah ah ah ah" part.  It is a great song with great beat that you can dance to. Which is the criteria that Dick Clark taught me on American Bandstand to judge music. As I typed that sentence, it occurred to me that there are people that may read this blog and have no idea what American Bandstand is.

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's OK

Oh Whitney. How I loved you before you became the catch phrase "BOBBBBAYYY." This song is one of those anthems that fills the dance floor with women pointing at whatever hapless man is still out there. The song though reminds me of a good friend of mine, we would go out and well, we weren't quite Will and Grace. We were Jack and Karen.  When Whitney would come booming out of the speakers, we hit the floor. 

Vaughan Brothers - Tick Tock

I had never heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan until my freshman year at the University of Akron. I was hanging out with a guy from my psych class and his room mate went on and on about Stevie Ray Vaughan this and that. I mistakenly said, "Who?" I thought the guy's head was going to explode like something from Bugs Bunny. He quickly schooled me on the stylings of Mr. Stevie Ray and the rest is history. Every party the guys had, Tick Tock would come on and everyone would sing along before we stumbled out onto the Zip strip.

I am a fan of all things Irish. I always have been. I love the jigs and the melodies. Even the dancers, but somehow I draw a line at Michael Flatley. Flogging Molly is the best of all worlds to me. They have traditional Irish melodies that they twist and infuse with a punk vibe. Their shows are full of energy and are just plain fun. Flogging Molly makes me want to grab a Guinness and sing along.

Social Distortion - Ball and Chain

Social Distortion came out of the Orange County Music scene (which of course later gave us one of my favorite bands, No Doubt) with a mixture of punk and rock. One of the best hard luck story songs ever in my opinion. You think you had a bad day? This guy has had it a little worse.

Michael Stanley Band - He Can't Love You

When I hear Michael Stanley, I think back to Blossom Music Center and cool summer nights. Being cooler than anyone else with my black MSB tshirt. With all this talk of LeBron being a hometown guy, this band is the real hometown story. They were so close to cracking the video world into stardom. So close.

Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake

We all have had a favorite among our many mistakes.
Like all of Sheryl's other songs, the lyrical story is a powerful one that everyone can relate to. Knowing and seeing that your relationship is starting to crumble, ignoring all the warning signs.

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