Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Strange Point In My Life

One of the best scenes in Fight Club, is at the very end,  Edward Norton turns to Helena Bonham Carter and tells her that she has met him at a very strange point in his life.
That is an incredibly accurate statement regarding my life right now. Before anyone panics, I don't have minions of mayhem and I'm not blowing anything up. But, things are strange for me right now.
So many things that I have been hoping for are happening...some at the wrong time. 
With my online moniker of ClevelandChick, it isn't hard to catch on that I love Cleveland. I was born there and it is quite simply home. And finally, after years of trying, I am heading home. Finally, a job opened up and I am headed to live at my parents' house. And yes, before you even ask, I will be living in my old room. I think I still even have some comic books stashed in the closet.

It is going to be strange for awhile. No longer will I be known as "that Cleveland chick." Here in Indianapolis, I am know in several local watering holes as that. I come in like clockwork whenever there is a Cleveland game and I end up being known as the Cleveland chick or the Cleveland lady, although I always felt calling me lady made me seem older.

Somethings here in Indianapolis have finally started to fall into place, but sadly, too late. I miss Cleveland and I can't wait to return to the land of Marc's and Stadium Mustard. I'm sad to say good bye to my life and friends here, but it is time to move on and go home.

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