Monday, January 17, 2011

Karmic Retribution or Coincidence?

LeBron James for Nike Basketball.
Sometimes, if you are incredibly lucky, you can see karma unfold right before your eyes. This is something that I have dreamed about. Someone does something awful to you - whether it is cutting in line at Marc's or smashing your parked car without leaving a note - and all you can do is hope that the guilty party will somehow be held accountable for their actions.

On most occasions, you never see what happens to the guy that stole your lunch at work. So, to save yourself from losing your mind, you hope that karma will take care of them. Maybe someone will steal their lunch or they will get food poisoning from your ham sandwich.

But LeBron. Oh LeBron, thank you for letting me see you for who you truly are. A lying backpedaling coward.

LeBron has become a fan of twitter lately (you can follow his "Yes Sir!!!!" under his self selected name, KingJames), tweeting about and to his buddies and sometimes thanking restaurants (which if you ask anyone in Cleveland that has ever waited on him, he was anything but thankful) for their spectacular service. LeBron has tweeted about the "haters" and how he is watching everyone that has talked bad about him. Sort of making a list and checking it twice. Or over and over.

He has gotten better with his twitter skills, putting RT in front of a "retweet" (a repeat of someone else's tweet). Responding to his "fans", the haters and Michael Vick, LeBron understands how it works. He has been working with the medium long enough now that he gets it.

And then...the Cavs lost a game. Ok, ok, the Cavs didn't lose the game. They were destroyed by the Lakers. The worst loss in in Cavs history. Following the loss, LeBron posted on his twitter page the following:
To me, it certainly looked like he was talking about Cleveland, Danny Gilbert, the fans, the haters and all. The media of course jumped all over the tweet and LeBron distanced himself saying it was what he was thinking at the time and it was something someone else sent to him. It wasn't even from him he told reporters. Ok, so we are to believe that he is a plagiarist too?

The next night the Heat lose and LeBron sprains his ankle.  The Heat are on a losing streak and LeBron is on the bench.

Karmic retribution? Coincidence?

Either way, I'll take it.

(If you are wondering why LeBron still bothers me or why I even care, read my blog post here.)

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