Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cavs WIN!

Baron Davis lets us know we won. Photo AP.
I think I have been going about this in the wrong way. The last time LeBron was in town, I wanted him to lose. Don't get me wrong, I really, really wanted the Cavs to win, but I more wanted LeBron to lose (you can read why here).

I know that you should root for your team to win and not the other team to lose, but LeBron made it so difficult to do that. The way he left Cleveland, the way he behaved, I just wanted his due. I wanted him to be put in his place for all the hurt he caused.

The last time LeBron was in town, the Cavs were afraid of him. I'm not sure what they were afraid of...maybe of ruining an opportunity for later, who knows. The team lost their cool bully friend to another team and he came back and kicked the crap out of us. Let's be honest, LeBron owned that team during the December game. He laughed at us. He mocked us (my eye still twitches when I think of him bopping his head to the "Akron Hates You" chant). And the worst part was...we let him.

But then there was a rematch scheduled at home. We had two choices. Let the bully kick the crap out of us again while we wet ourselves in the corner...or...or...we hit the gym and bulk up, learn how to fight back.

The game last night wasn't filled with hatred for LeBron (I'm not saying we like him, come on), but it was filled with pride for our city, pride for ourselves. Not in our house. Not this time. If I could, I would personally like to thank the Q garage guys that started it yesterday. LeBron showed up with his posse and they were turned away. A year ago, they had the run of the place. Now, Mr. James, you need to follow the rules. You are a member of the opposing team and these  are the rules. Have a nice day sir.

Then the team. The Cavs played the best game I have seen out of them in years. They played with more heart and more determination than anyone could have imagined.

The fans just wanted the team to win. Yes, we wanted to beat LeBron, but it wasn't about him was about us winning.

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  1. Yay Cleveland! We can and will recover without LBJ. I'm not from Akron, but I live here now and I see the contributions he still makes to this town. I don't wish him ill-will, but I definitely don't like how he left. Cleveland Cavs will be a team of many from now on instead of a team of one!