Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Ear Hurts

I have an earache. A terrible one in fact.  I was going to use a picture from one of the Star Trek movies to illustrate it. It was the scene where Khan dropped that big bug thing in the guy’s ear. But in the spirit of Easter, I’m going with the bunnies instead. I believe a picture of a chocolate bunny with his ears chomped off gets the point across rather well.

I now completely understand why kids screech and cry when they have an ear infection. It hurts.
Saturday I started to have a weird pain in my ear, going from the middle of my ear lobe shooting down to my jaw. A sharp pain, like I was being stabbed with a knife in my ear and then out my jaw kind of sharp pain.  When it hits, I wince and curl up in a ball.

At first, I thought I slept on my ear funny. I know that makes me sound like I have some Dumbo ears, but I don’t. They are rather cute if you must know.  But, the pain got worse. By Sunday, I knew something was seriously wrong with this weird pain of mine. Then I started to think it was my wisdom teeth. The dentist told me if I started to get weird pains in my head, it was time for them to get yanked out (ok, I said yanked, I believe he used to the word “extracted”). This certainly qualified as a weird pain.

So, I took my dad Costoing, and the pain got worse. I got the worried dad look shot at me all morning as we filled up on samples while walking down the aisles. Then it was off to my aunt’s birthday dinner. By this point, I wanted to go to bed and wake up sometime on Wednesday. But, I was a trooper and I went to dinner and got to see the whole famdamily. By the time I got home I looked at my mom and said I was going to go up to the immediate care center and get it checked out. This of course sends Mom into freak out mom mode and she started calling everyone in the family. By the time I found my insurance card and was ready to go, she had the family mobilized and they all ready to go with me and sit in the waiting room. Sometimes my life is like a bad sitcom.

I convinced mom that it was not necessary for everyone to be there for my earache. It wasn’t like I had my leg chomped off by a shark. Luckily, when I arrived, there was no one in the waiting room and I got in and out rather quickly. Unlucky for me I have some sort of sinus infection that manifested as some weird ear tube infection. Whatever it is it hurts and I received an antibiotic. Awesome. Of course trying to get a prescription filled on a Sunday was not so awesome. Mom drove us to the next town (that sounds like I live on the prairie) and after waiting and waiting I finally got my medicine and off we went. That is of course until I read the bottle. TAKE WITH FOOD. On the other side of the bottle -  DO NOT TAKE WITH FOOD.  The way my mom carried on you would have thought that the pharmacist was Boston Rob (follow me on twitter to read my mom’s rantings of her hatred of Boston Rob).  Turns out I take it with food, but not dairy type food.  Glad that was clear.

Now, I’m tired, cranky and my ear still hurts.

Two more days until St. Patrick’s Day. Two more days.


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