Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo: AFP

There are lots of things to blog about. I’m dying to share with everyone my Spring Training stories. Or how I couldn’t agree more with the Chef judge from Chopped and his hatred of red onions. Or how I complete understand why kids screech with they have an ear infection (holy cow that hurts).


My dad’s best friend – the guy that was his best man and is my godfather – has a daughter in Japan right now. Her husband is in the U.S. military and she does some contract work for them. They live  near one of the reactors.

No one could get many details because she was only able to grab a satellite phone for a few minutes. Long enough to say that they are ok. That there is no power, no water and food is running short. People can’t get in and she can’t get out. Horrifying unthinkable widespread devastation.

She is going to try to call back if she can.

Really makes my earache and flat tire something to be thankful for considering the alternatives.

Now we sit and wait.

Wait for a call, an email, a text. 

Just waiting.

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