Saturday, April 23, 2011

What can a little rain hurt?

Last weekend I had the bright idea to go to the Indians game. Mother Nature was telling me that I have been to too many Tribe games of late.

It was a cold and dreary day but the weather said it should clear up by game time, so off I went. The goal was to get whatever cheap seat was a available and then hook up with my friends.

Goal is the operative word in that sentence.

I parked my car in my new favorite creepy garage (by Fat Fish Blue, only 6 bucks) and walked over to the ballpark. I found out my friends were in the club, so I procured a bleacher seat with access to the Terrace Club. Wrong club.

I got a window seat in the Terrace Club and happily chomped on a hot dog and watched as the rain came down in buckets.

The field crew was amazing. They covered the field, uncovered the field and then squeeged the field to get rid of the water. 

Watching the crew roll up the field cover was a feat. It took a couple of tries before they were able to roll the cover around a large pipe.

I wandered out to my seat in the bleachers, because really, it is always better to watch a game from the stands than behind the glass.

The rain started again and I wandered around the park looking for cover and a place to watch the game, since my tweet your seat didn't get me a better seat.

After watching an inning or two I wandered down behind home plate and snagged a seat. Most of the fans had left (or never showed up) so I was confident I wasn't in someone else's seat.

I stayed for the rest of the game, watched a tribe win and hung out with the hardcore fans.

I can't wait for a sunny game.

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