Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like Math, Writing is Hard

Sometimes writing is easy.  There are days where everything you come across inspires you and the words just tumble out of your head and bounce across the keyboard. Other times, something will inspire you and all you can do is the laundry.

For the day gig, I have to write occasionally, but with deadlines, it gets done. It may not always be a masterpiece, but it gets done, because I don't want to end up on the cheese line. For my blog, it is a different story. If I tell myself I am going to post on Monday and it doesn't make it up until Thursday, meh. No big deal.

But it is.

I want to write a blog that people want to read. I want people to check back and excitedly read my misadventures in the Muni Lot or about my giddiness over the Cleveland Indians bringing back pickle relish for the hot dogs. I'm that way about reading other blogs. It's the modern equivalent of the newspaper column.

Sometimes I don't get my blog posted because my mom wants me to watch Dancing with the Stars with her *shudders.*  Sometimes I'm just tired from work and I can't find a quiet place to write. Sometimes I can't find the perfect picture to open the post. Sometimes I find a perfect picture but can't figure out what to write. Sometimes I worry that what I'm saying is stupid or uninteresting.

I tell myself that each post needs to be perfect, that each post can stand on its own as an example of my best work. That is a silly idea of course, but it's an easy excuse.

Time to post and do the laundry.


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