Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Rudy and Buddy. No, I did not name them.
Growing up, I always had a pet. It was usually a dog and a cat, but there were always pets in the house. Somehow I always brought the cat home. I was five or so when I brought home our first kitten. We already had a dog (the best dog ever) but I thought a little kitten was what we really needed.

I was at my friend Bobby's house where his mom was giving away kittens to all of the neighborhood kids. She asked me if I wanted one and of course I said yes. After a full day of playing with my friends and our respective kittens, I remember strolling into the house with the kitten under my arm. My parents watched as I poured myself some apple juice and poured some milk for the kitten. We both sat on the floor and drank our beverages.

The conversation went a little something like this:
Dad: Hey kiddo, what are you doing?
Me:  Drinking my apple juice *eyeroll*
Dad: Whose kitten is that?
Me: Mine *eyeroll*
Dad: No, I mean where did you get it?
Me: Bobby's mom gave him to me.
Dad: I'll be right back.
Mom called Bobby's mom and it seems it was a "no takebacks" situation. I then threw some sort of hissy fit crying about if they could give the little kitten away, they would probably give a little kid like me away. And...we had our first cat.

After he passed away, the next kitten came when a cat had a litter in our garage. I snuck the cutest little orange puffball into the house and poof, cat #2. Kitty #2 had a long life until he passed away in his sleep. Mom was distraught, crying that they had just watched Judging Amy the night before.

About 8 years ago for Christmas, I brought home 2 kittens. I rescued them from the PetsMart, and since it was Christmas Eve, there was a discount if I took both.

My folks have kept the cats while I have been in Indiana and they have become a part of the family. I would even say that I like the cats more than I like some people. Last week, I had to do the most grown up gut wrenching god awful thing.

I had stayed home from work because I had a migraine and felt like all around poo. Shuffling around the house in my jammies, I couldn't find the little cat anywhere. After two hours of tearing apart the house, I found the little guy hiding in a closet in the ever flooded basement. He had meowed himself horse. His back legs were paralyzed.

Or course, I started to cry and scooped him up in his Indians snuggie and put him in a clothes basket so I could take him to the animal emergency room. I drove way too fast, one hand on the wheel, and the other trying to pet the kitty on our way to the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron.

The vet was quick to get me in and I could tell things weren't going well. The poor cat couldn't move his back legs and by the look on the first doctor's face, this was not going to end well. The second vet came in and told me that the cat had a blood clot that went down his spine and the entire back half of his body was ice cold and not getting circulation.

Then, I had to make the call.

She told me that there was absolutely nothing that could be done to save the kitty and there was no surgery or miracle that could cure him. All while he was trying to crawl across the table, dragging his little body to rest his head on my arm.

I know it was best for the kitty, but I have never had to put a pet to sleep. It was the most awful decision I have ever had to make. On the way home I thought about my aunt and cousin, who both, randomly put their pets down when they tire of them. People like that have no soul. None.

Saddest post I have ever composed.

I still like that little cat more than a lot of people.


  1. oh man.
    oh man.
    I can't imagine having that happen.

    Also as I was reading this Rasputin (our kitty) came over and put his head on my computer and looked at me and I was sure I was going to cry.


  2. oh ugh. i'm crying. i'm so sorry. losing a pet is a very unique and terrible grief. i'm so sorry for your loss and your tough situation. hugs.

  3. Thanks poet and Rasputin. It was the absolute worst, saddest thing I have ever had to do. The worst of it is fat cat wanders around meowing looking for the little one. Ugh.

  4. Thanks Kimi. I appreciate the thoughts. I have loved my pets more than some people. Ok, more than a lot of people lol.

  5. I have had to put two pets( family members ) to sleep and absolutely worst things to do. right now we have two Rescued Dogs and our cat and they are really so much part of the family. We almost didnt go to Easter because that could not go with us. The Wife didn't want to leave them and it was HER family. This reminds me of a post from Alana (@dawgpndgirl)about a puppy she was going to get.