Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bandwagon Fans

The Ultimate Bandwagon Fan. (Amy Sancetta/Associated Press)
There are two categories of bandwagon fans. There are fans that only follow the home team when they are winning and there are those that follow "winning" teams. The fans that hop on board when the home team is winning, I can deal with only because it means they finally got on track. And, the more people that go to home games means the more people going to bars and restaurants - spending money. It frustrates me when I can't get tickets because of these people, but I can grumble and live with it.

The other bandwagon fans though...even though I shouldn't be bothered by them, I am. Look, if you have a connection to a team, maybe you grew up in the city or you followed so and so through college, that is one thing. But to be decked out in Yankees gear when you live in Shaker and have never even been out of Ohio, there is just something wrong with that.

For the record, kids are not included in my rant. Kids are still learning the game and they pick teams to follow by the pretty colors or the mascot. Or maybe they think a player is cute.

Dan Fouts, Hall of Fame Quarterback. Swoon.
And umm...there was a time that I fell into that category. I will admit the one time that I was something other than a Browns fan.
I was around 8 or 9 when I first saw Dan Fouts, and it was love at first sight. I had a little Chargers t shirt that I would wear when I faithfully watched my future husband every Sunday.

And I was 9.

But, I also loved Super Joe Charboneau. So I think it all evened out.

When I lived in Indianapolis, I would watch my Cleveland teams, but I would also watch Indy teams since I lived their for 10 years. If the Bears were on, I would watch them too. I may have a soft spot for the Colts (I lived in Tennessee the same time Peyton Manning played for UT), I'm always a Browns fan first.

Ultimately, it doesn't change my life one way or another if you're a Steelers fan, but I don't get it. I don't get how you would root for anyone other than your home team. Maybe I have too much pride in Cleveland - my home. As a bartender at the Colts stadium, I took a lot of grief from everyone from other bartenders to the NFL Network guys. After my shift I would take the cash to the vault, which was on the same level of the field and the locker rooms. To turn in my paperwork, I had to walk through all of the reporters looking up at a little TV waiting for the final score. One winter day, a guy from the NFL Network asked me how could I be a Browns fan (I had on my Browns winter hat). My response? WOOOF! The next home game I heard a shout of "Hey Cleveland, your boys are up!" from the NFL Network guy. After that, he would have the Browns score ready for me at every game.

Maybe it is a respect issue. I have more respect for someone that is a true fan, that supports their team no matter what the score. To me, it shows loyalty, which is a quality that is sadly lacking in a lot of people.

Maybe I'm just cranky.

Either way, go Cleveland!


  1. I've been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember and lived in Ohio my whole life. Now living in Cleveland I stick with my Steelers. Do I get grief? Yes. Do I miss out on cheering fun with the friends/neighbors/etc? Yes. Do I jump on the local Browns bandwagon? No. I support my team no matter what! Sure, I've gotten to enjoy having a winning team often in the last few years but that's not always the case.

    However, go Tribe! Go Cavs! Go Bucks!

    I don't think you are cranky, just passionate. Keep on, keepin on!

  2. Kimi - thanks for your comment. I don't think I would call you a bandwagon fan. Sorry that you are a Steelers fan though :) I can respect someone that is a fan. But if you are hopping from team to team looking for a winner, that makes me crazy. My aunt is a Steelers fan too. Ugh LOL.