Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get The F Out

Years ago, the World Wresting Federation, the WWF changed their name to the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment. They had a very catchy campaign to get people to learn about the name change.

Get the "F" out. Genius.

Right now, I feel like saying that to several people. Get the F out. Of course, my F is something  a little different.

To all the people that whine and moan about how much they hate living in Cleveland, there's nothing to do here, blah blah blah, I say to you, "Get the F out."

Oh my. That sounds a bit harsh doesn't it?




The other day, a young Cleveland professional athlete went to twitter to share his thoughts on Cleveland.

Most sports fans on twitter lost their marbles, this cranky girl included. To his credit, White later cleared up his statement and thanked the fans for their support.

Between someone mentioning the infamous Cleveland sports fail reel and this turkey, I had to vent a little.

If you are a professional athlete and you come to Cleveland, you have to know that sports in this town are more than just sports. It isn't just a game. If you show us the smallest nod of acknowledgement, we will follow you and cheer ourselves horse for you. For the love of all that's holy, look at the lengths the city went to for LeFoolio. Banners and billboards and songs.

The Brown's Joe Haden is a current fan darling because he gets it. He supports the city, the other teams. He appreciates the fans.

As Cleveland fans, we get kicked enough in the collective cookies, we don't need our professional athletes to add to it.

It took me so long to make it back home to Cleveland and to have people constantly put it down strikes a nerve with me.

Either help make Cleveland a better place, or stop complaining.

If you really want something to complain about, how about the people that drive 45 mph in the fast lane during rush hour?

Just pick something else.