Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Fun #2

It was so much fun last time, I want to keep on posting. I love looking through my pictures that are just sucking up bandwidth.

The idea of sharing them is a fun one for me, so here is the second photo:

I took this pic at my hotel. Don't steal.
There is something about going to Arizona in March for Spring Training to see the Indians play. I have gone each year that the team has been out there and I think I will continue the tradition.

I enjoy the occasional beach vacation, but on those trips I just get bored. I can only bake on the hot sand for so long and then I start to lose my mind. But Arizona in March is perfect. The weather is warm, but not scalding. The sun is shining, the sky is a gorgeous blue. The mood is completely relaxed. How stressed out can you be sitting in the stands, watching a game and eating a hot dog?

The vibe is great. The players are friendly, the fans are fun. Although, I do admit, it is painfully obvious who is at the game from somewhere cold. We all have shorts and t-shirts on and the oldtimer locals are slathered in sunscreen under their layers of sweatshirts and wide brimmed straw hats.

This picture in particular was taken at my hotel. I'm a huge priceline fan, and I usually get a hotel in Phoenix near the airport. It is convenient, right down the street from Tempe and a 5 minute drive to the airport.

When I walked out of my room and into the courtyard by the pool and looked up at the sky, my midwestern frozen brain started to thaw. Looking up at the palm trees just reinforced I wasn't in snowy Cleveland anymore.

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