Saturday, October 22, 2011

True Halloween Story

Hopefully, we all have fond and funny memories of Halloween. I have quite a few. There was the time I was sick and my dad went trick or treating for me. I remember him coming home with a pillowcase full of candy. Little plastic pumpkins are for rookies. I remember trying to buddy up with friends in good candy neighborhoods.

After an evening of trick or treating, I run in the house and collapse on the living room floor, then dumping all of my loot on the green shag carpet where my aunt would help me go through it. She would put aside wrapped pieces to make sure that some whack job didn't put in a needle or razor blade. It was either go through this process with my aunt or my mom, and I always picked my aunt. Higher edible candy ratio with her than mom.

As a little girl, two of my mom's sisters lived with us, and to me, they were like older sisters. In fact, I used to brag about my older sisters in high school. That was a fun conversation that my mom had to have with my kindergarten teacher.

Anyway, my aunt would help me gather the "safe" candy into a giant bowl that would then go in the fridge for fresh keeping. I would also share candy with her, and only her because she was saving me from the evil people that wanted to hurt little kids by giving them bad candy. I would have a fit if anyone dared to take a piece of my candy without my expressed permission.

One thing that I was always grateful for was my aunt taking all the Three Musketeers bars. She used to put them in a special pile. She told me that they were awful, terrible, yucky candy bars and she was saving me from eating them. She told me that she would eat them, because we didn't want to just throw them away on account of the starving kids in Africa.

This went on every year. I would gleefully toss any Three Musketeers bars I found to her and I would tell my friends at school about them. That they were these awful gross things and about how my aunt was so awesome that she would take them for us.

I don't think I even tasted a Three Musketeers bar until I was in my late twenties. And I have to tell you, they aren't too bad.

Last year at Christmas I shared the Three Musketeers story with the family during a rousting game of Yahtzee. Mom yelled at my aunt and she laughed so hard she had to run from the table to avoid peeing in her chair.

Good times.

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  1. Haaaaaaa!!!!! That was a great story. Thanks for sharing!