Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm An Angry Cleveland Fan

I am so very, very angry right now.

Maybe I'm angry because I had to get a chicken pox shot AND a flu shot that hurt like a son of a bazooka.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm angry because I'm sick and tired of Cleveland teams losing.

Hmm...I think it is the Cleveland teams losing thing.

Yup...that is indeed it.

I'm tired of the Browns losing.

I'm tired of the Cavs losing.

I'm tired of the Indians losing.

I was at the Cavs game where we finally broke our losing streak last year. We had lost 26 games in a row and when it looked like we were going to break that streak, the Q arena was shaking from the very foundation. If someone just dropped in the game, they would have thought that the excitement for the NBA championship. The reality was we had finally won a game after losing 26 consecutive games. 

It is a stabbing pain in my chest when I think about all of the heartbreak that this city has endured by the hands of our beloved sports teams.

I think it all started with my love of Super Joe Charboneau, later known as Crazy Joe Charboneau. He was the start of a long line of Indians heartbreak. I remember being madly in love with him and even getting a full size Joe Charboneau bat at bat day at the old stadium. Of course, he faded out quickly with stories of him opening beer bottles with his eye socket. Just my luck.

When the Indians made it to the World Series, I was living in Tennessee at the time.  To my great misfortune, the tribe was playing at the same time as the UT/Bama game. I was at the only sports bar in town and I had to bribe the bartender to put the game on. At one point during the game, a very large man stood between me and the TV. He looked at me, then the TV, then me again. He lifted up his 'Bama jersey to scratch his large, hairy belly and asked me, ""Whutchadoin?" After taking a moment to decipher what he asked, I told him I was watching the World Series of Baseball. His response was a confused look and some muttering.

That is what my expereince has been as a Cleveland fan.

Living in Indianapolis, home of the SuperBowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, it was difficult. Just finding a place to watch the game was a challenge. To top it off, I worked in Colts stadium. At the end of every game, I had to walk past the visitor's locker room, with all of the media and NFL network guys. One day in the dead of winter, I walked down with my Browns hat on. An NFL network guy mocked me. I barked at him.

From then on out, every game I walked down there I was greeted to shouts of "Hey Cleveland, looks bad again, the score is..."  I have received a great deal of sympathy over the years, like when Phil Dawson's field goal against Baltimore was challenged.

As  a little kid, I begged and pleaded with my parents for a Browns Kardiac Kids shirt. My elementary school sold them, with the school name on the back. I had to agree to spending the entire summer picking the weeds out of our brick walkway for that shirt. That summer, you could hear me muttering half way down the street.

I thought that this year would be different.

Sadly, not so much.


Then the whole LeFoolio fiasco.

I can't express my anger/hatred/frustration any better than this video and this post.

LeBron watched the city of Cleveland make a fool of itself begging for him to honor us with the consideration of staying in Ohio.

Before my blog readers from outside of Ohio get upset about Clevelanders hating all those that leave, keep in mind, we are building a statue for Jim Thome. Omar Vizquel returns to standing ovations.

There are very few things that I know for certain, but I can promise you that LeBron will never have a statue in Cleveland during my lifetime.  He is a different story.

I'm just so sick and tired of caring more than the players. I'm tired of people asking why I'm a Cleveland fan.

I'll always be a fan because this is my home. This is where my heart is. This is what I grew up with.

The litany of excuse is nothing more than a running joke.

Every year it is the same thing.

Injuries...I don't care. Rub some dirt on it.

New coach...hmm...still don't care.

New playbook...well...still not caring. Maybe we need to recruit scholars.

New players...I thought these guys were pros, don't care yet.

So and so was hurt...again...Really? What you did last time? DON'T do that again. No sympathy here. Is Cindy from Accounting has the flu, someone else has to step up. 

Contract disputes... I still have to work, so why can't you? These guys make more money in a game than I do in a year. Not caring yet.

I'll always be a Cleveland fan, but just once I would love to not end a season with, "Well, there is always next year."

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  1. Good job wrapping up the whole thing. That makes at least two of us.