Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playin Vegetarian -Day 1

I have decided to have a little fun with my life and be a vegetarian for a week. I fully admit I am a carnivore and I believe bacon makes everything better.

However, in the spirit of the new year and random resolutions, I have decided that for 7 days I am going to be a vegetarian. Now, please keep in mind, I didn't say vegan. I would kill myself or someone else if I had to give up meat AND cheese AND milk AND eggs. Forget it. There are obvious health benefits to eating fresh food, lots of fruits and vegetables so I thought I would see what benefits are there for me.

Another inspiration for this little adventure was to see how difficult it would really be. It is cheap and easy to eat like crap. How much effort will it take for me to eat like a rabbit?

Day one started out rocky. I made a salad, and by made I mean I bought a container of mixed greens and threw it in a to go container. I threw a handful of carrots on top and then I reached for the bag of little happy pepperonis. I cursed and put the pepperonis away, certainly I can do this for a day.

I tossed in some yogurt for breakfast and a little container of apple sauce for lunch. By the time lunch rolled around I went down to the cafeteria to add some extra toppings to my salad. This was crabby point two, having to skip the chicken, ham and bacon for egg and cheese. That cost me a buck. I could have enjoyed a pile of tasty chicken nuggets for the same price.

For some reason I was preoccupied with hot dogs (possibly because of my hot dog cup for water) for part of the day and I was happy I wasn't going to a Cavs game this week so I don't have to turn down a hot dog.

Dinner didn't go much better. For regular readers, you may know I am living with my folks right now. My folks that are like bad college room mates, eating all my food and leaving all the lights on. Mom made spaghetti with meatballs (yum) in meat sauce. Yum. I mean boooooo. My choices were cereal, an egg, or a pb and j. Somewhere along the way, my dad ate all of my smuckers strawberry jam and replaced it with some craptastic generic grape jelly. I grouchily slapped together a peanut butter and crappy jelly sandwich.

This is not going well.

Most people talk about how their attitudes and thoughts and bodies all feel better once they cut meat out.

Right now it is just making me cranky.

Look out day 2.

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  1. I would never survive like that! We eat Veg once per week, but focus on hearty meals that also happen to be meat-free. A peanut butter and crappy jelly sandwich would make me cranky, too!

    Is there any way to get your parents on board with your idea, so that dinner is easier? If not, does your schedule permit you to cook a separate meal?

    I make a Quinoa stuffed pepper that is very good and I don't miss the meat at all. The same goes for a black bean burger with pepperjack cheese that I always serve with spicy sweet potatoes and an aioli. Stir fry is also a very popular option- especially with coconut milk added to the rice. This week's Veggie meal was a Lentil Soup with pasta in it. It's a lot of work to make these things for 1 person and it can get expensive. In fact, it's a lot of work to make it for 2, so I normally make large portions and freeze at least a second meal.

    I wish you luck!