Sunday, February 19, 2012

LeBron James - Can He Come Home Again?

LeBron promises not to disappoint.
Each time that the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Miami Heat, ESPN and talk radio overflows with the same questions... should the Cavaliers retire LeBron's number? Should LeBron get a statue in town? What would happen if LeBron wanted to come back to Cleveland?

Each time, I force myself to switch the station so my head doesn't explode all over my living room.

It is fair to say I'm not a fan of LeBron James. Was I a fan when he was in Cleveland? Absolutely. I am now and always have been a Cleveland fan, not matter how painful that choice may be. I loved cheering for LeBron, when he was our home town hero. I overlooked the shenanigans of the Chosen One and his posse. After all, they didn't break any laws, and to the best of the rumor mill, LeBron was not a gun toting hooker wrangler, so his demands were acceptable, at least in my mind at the time.  Is that right or wrong? I don't know.

But then the Decision came. LeBron made it very clear that he didn't want to be in Cleveland.

Fine, God bless, let's move on.

Before any of my faithful readers calls me bitter or angry or wants me to get over LeBron James doing what was best for LeBron James and taking his talents elsewhere, I am over it. If you go here, I explain and admit that any anger I have isn't directed entirely at LeBron.

I am over him leaving Cleveland, but that doesn't mean I have to be his fan. There are lots of athletes/ celebrities that I don't like. I don't like Ben Roethlisberger. I don't like Kobe Bryant. I can't stand Hines Ward.

Just because someone is a great athlete or can flash a dazzling smile, I don't have to be their fan. I can respect the skill and athletic ability of someone, but that isn't the only reason I root for them. Let's face it, it is hard to cheer on a jerk. If anyone taught us that, it was Albert Belle.

So the question becomes, why would Cleveland want to retire his number or chase after him to come back? In my mind, that is like asking the bully that gave you a wedgie while stealing your lunch money if you could buy him dinner.

LeBron hasn't shown any interest in coming back to Cleveland or even a tinge of sadness on how the Decision went down, so why would we honor him with a retired number?

On the last trip to town, rumors flew that LeBron was insistent that the Q be swept for bombs. Fans were still booing themselves blue in the face anytime he touches the ball.  The beer jockies were forced to pour everything into cups so that plastic bottles couldn't be chucked at LeBron's head.

The Q would crack in a thousand tiny pieces if LeBron were given a ceremony to retire his number.

Let's get some pride in ourselves Cleveland.  

I want to win, but not with LeBron.

He isn't worth it.

LeBron looking for his rings.

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