Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Fun - CSI Edition

Today's Photo Fun picture is one of favorites and solidifies my status as a nerd. Now, let's be clear, I don't speak Klingon, that would be my cousin, so maybe I am a nerdlette. And, no I'm not kidding about the Klingon cousin. You ever wonder why I don't use my real name in social media? I did for Facebook and my cousin promptly posted some apocalyptic rant in Klingon.

I'm a big fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the original Vegas version. I mean, I'm a huge nerdy fan of CSI. If you have time, get a cup of coffee and read this post and you can see just how much of a nerdy fan I am.

When I lived in Indianapolis, the bright shiny lights of Chicago were only a MegaBus trip away. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago hosted the CSI Experience and I took the first bus I could to see it.

A crime scene
The CSI Experience was set up so that you could weave your way through one of three "crime scenes" just like a CSI would. You could follow clues and then walk through ballistics, looking at bugs, all the stuff from the show to help solve your crime.

This was all very cool, but even cooler than the crime scenes were the miniatures. There was a story arc on the show of the miniature killer and "her" models were on display. The picture above was the miniature of one of the crime scenes. The detail in the model was amazing.

The models on display, were all used in the show, with some even being recalled for reshoots. 

I am especially happy that this picture came out because there were truckloads of kids running through the exhibit, some of which thought it was proper museum behavior to lick the display case. Shockingly, that is not an exaggeration.

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  1. Oh, Vegas (naturally) had one of those CSI experiences. I didn't make it when I was there in November, but it's definitely on my list for whenever I make it back!