Wednesday, April 11, 2012

100 Awesome Things - #97 Unsolicited Good Advice

When you are looking for it, good advice is hard to find. 

When you aren't looking for it, there is no shortage of well-meaning folks that have the perfect path for you to follow to get your life back on track if you would only listen.  It can be the nosy lady at the grocery store commenting on your shopping cart filled with tater tots and dino nuggets or the guy at the bar that thinks women would be hot if they took off their glasses and didn't talk. 

Everyone has a gold nugget of truth that could be life changing. 

Or not.

But every now and again, some one from out of the blue will come up to you and say something that is accidentally meaningful. A random person makes a comment that answers the question that has kept you awake for a week. It is usually something simple, but perfect.

Here is an example..

I was in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. My arms were filled with knickknacks and shirts and glasses and toucan salt and pepper shakers and chocolates. I remember being ridiculously hot and sweating, and just as I dropped a bag of Guinness caramels all over the floor a young man came over and helped me scoop them up. He was an employee and he had one of those weird mesh bag things and started to take the remaining things out of my arms carefully, like a boozy Jenga game.

I thanked him for his help, babbling a bit I'm sure and he said it was no problem, just his job.

As we walked over to the registers, I again thanked him, telling him how lucky I was he was there and that I was grateful that I didn't cause some sort of international incident with my clumsiness. He smiled at me and said, "hope comes from unexpected places," and walked away.


For some reason, that stuck with me. A simple statement that I have remembered from years ago. When things look dark and gloomy, I think about that, wondering where the next glimmer of hope will shine from.  

Stone upon stone upon fallen stone. On a random wall at the Guinness Factory.

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