Tuesday, April 10, 2012

100 Awesome Things - #98 Singing In Your Car

The first time you drive alone after getting your driver's license is a powerful thing. You are free to do anything and go anywhere as long as you have gas money and are home by curfew. 

At that point, coming to a complete stop and looking both ways, the world can't get any better, or so you think. Then you pick up your best friend. When the passenger door slams, that moment takes over and becomes the best moment in the world. Together, the two of you can drive across the state and back as long as your dad isn't counting the miles. 

Then, with the windows down and the summer air surrounding you, something magical happens.

Your favorite song comes on the radio and you both begin singing, possibly yelling the lyrics loud enough that the neighbors hear you caterwauling down the street before they can see your car.

At the stop sign, looking over to the car next to you, the song's chorus is replaced by fits of laughter. 

As the night winds down, you circle the block one more time to finish off your solo, briefly entertaining the idea of driving to Tallahassee to try out for American Idol.

You don't go, but, there is always tomorrow.

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