Friday, April 27, 2012

Is Age A Factor For Brandon Weeden?

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Brandon Weeden was selected as the Browns in the first round of the draft, presumably to take the place of Colt McCoy. The biggest beef that fans have had about Weeden is his age. People are moaning and groaning about  how he has a limited shelf life. He only has so many good years fans are whining.

Ok fans, let's have a little reality check.

Come with me down memory lane to see the Browns quarterbacks since their triumphant return in 1999.

1999 Ty Detmer

Tim Couch 1999-2003   

Doug Pederson 2000

Spergon Wynn 2000 - Yes, the Browns selected him over Tom Brady. Yes, *that* Tom Brady.

Kelly Holcomb 2001-2004

Jeff Garcia 2004

Luke McCown 2004

Trent Dilfer 2005

Charlie Frye 2005-2007

Whew. Derek Anderson 2006-2009,  Brady Quinn 2008-2009, Ken Dorsey 2008

Bruce Gradkowski 2008

Jake Delhomme 2010

Seneca Wallace 2010-2011

Colt McCoy 2010-?

The life of a Browns quarterback has been extremely limited. If Weeden can give us even 5 good years, I'll take it. Fans need to stop acting like the next Browns qb has to be the second coming of Bernie Kosar or the world will end.

Weeden has great potential. I think he is leaps and bounds above Colt, and let's face it, if you thought he was going to come back after that concussion, you got hit harder than he did.

What I like best about Weeden (besides his size, arm strength, accuracy) is the fact that he is a fierce competitor. He knows what it means to be a professional athlete. He wants to win.

Best of all, he was damn happy to be picked by the Browns. 

We will see in the fall.

Now, can we get back to our first place Cleveland Indians?

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