Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Justin Blackmon - Just Say No

Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden.
Looking at this picture I am almost...almost...swayed into believing that the Browns should draft Blackmon at #4 and then trade up to snag Weeden where ever else. The idea is to take the dynamic duo from Oklahoma State *together*, the  star quarterback and his star receiver.

That idea becomes a bad one when you hear Blackmon talk about Cleveland. Let's just put aside whether or not Blackmon can play. I admit that Blackmon has the potential to be a solid receiver down the line. And I also admit that he can just as easily turn into Braylon Edwards in the attitude department.

I already had my mind made up that I thought Blackmon was a chucklehead. There are some red flags on his character waving around and we don't need that.

Then I heard him speak.

This week Blackmon made the sports talk rounds and he called into a local Cleveland sports talk station, and his fate was sealed in my mind. The hosts asked him what he thought about Cleveland and he giggled a little and spoke in generalities. He didn't thank Coach Shurmur for the visit. Blackmon could have just as easily been talking about visiting Dairy Queen as he was visiting a professional football training facility.

The hosts then asked him about playing for Colt McCoy and God as my witness, he giggled.

Before anyone starts hopping around on their pogo stick of righteousness - whining about Blackmon being 22 and young, just stop. The guy is coming from a major football program and if you think for a second university media relations hasn't worked with him, you are out of your mind. I'm sure he has people working with him now getting ready for the draft. So for him to not even acknowledge anyone he spoke to in Cleveland is a slam. 

We get it, you don't want to be here. Be a professional and be grateful for the position you are in. Say thank you. Some folks will disagree with me and say that character doesn't matter, but I say it does. Character is why we welcome guys like Z back, but boo ferociously at LeFoolio.

Cleveland needs players that want to be a part of the community, not giggle at it.


  1. What Cleveland needs, first and foremost, are DIFFERENCE makers, players that are game changers, players with the abilities to change the perceptions, and fortunes of Cleveland.

    What the hell does a giggle mean? If you happened to watch Heckert's press conference this morning he giggled, hell he giggled when he was asked about McCoy as the QB. When he was asked about not wanting to play in Cleveland, he NEVER hesitated. He said he would like to play in Cleveland, he had no problem playing wherever he was drafted, but it wasn't up to him.

    He also expressed he like the thought of playing with Weeden, that it would help in the transitioning process, WHEREVER he went. He also stated it was just a visit, nothing major, he had spoken to different coaches, etc, maybe even mentioned a few by name. He never mentioned meeting with any players, when he was here, not sure what the whether was like, so maybe he didn't get out, it was business in, and business out.

    So he giggled about playing with McCoy, maybe he thought it was a funny question, maybe even a stupid question. What was he supposed to say? What they hell has McCoy actually done POSITIVELY speaking? He isn't Brady,or Rodgers, so by no means does he gain the respect that comes with them as QB's or leaders. He was HONEST, and KIND with his words, when he said he COMPETED. You don;t think opposing defenses giggle at the sight of McCoy?

    Seriously, what did you expect him to say? McCoy was a winner at Texas? Or that he's slow in his reads, and progressions, gotten numerous receivers concussed, he failed to score a TD in the first and 3rd quarters of his first 8-10 games, he never showed improvement, he's yet to win a division game, struggles to complete 5 yard passes, inhibits the run game, has poor pocket presence, and awareness, and doesn't make the anticipated throws.

    Would you have liked for him to say that? It would have surely been an HONEST assessment. Personally I think the question was dumb, why would he even watch McCoy? Why not ask him about RG lll, or the Browns QB situation as a whole? Maybe in his mind, he was saying to himself that if he and Weeden came here, McCoy wouldn't be playing.

    Blackmon has said nothing disparaging about Cleveland, or McCoy. Nothing about Blackmon comes across as Edwards. If anything, the interview made me want him more. Stop being so sensitive about McCoy, he's a big boy, if anything he would be a casualty of his OWN poor play. The Browns tried to get Griffin lll for a REASON, so keep that in mind. McCoy may not even be here next year, and if the losing continues, neither will this regime, so who cares what he thinks, or what you PERCEIVE a giggle to mean.

    Don;t get me wrong, i'm all about having people with good character, and I want people that WANT to be here, but most athletes tend to feel that way, ONCE they get here. You think Joe Haden had dreams of coming to Cleveland He embraced this city, and this city has EMBRACED him.

    There's a lot more to Justin Blackmon, than a giggle. He's very giving of his time, ask around, people don;t always do good deeds, for publicity. As big a fool as Edwards was at times, and I chalk that up to arrogance, and immaturity, he gave a $1 million gift to Cleveland schools, and even after LEAVING, he came back, to make personal appearances.

    I judge people based on my personal experiences with them, not public perceptions of them. Get to know Blackmon, his giggle, just may make you giggle ;-)

    1. Wow...thank you for your thoughtful response. I will try to hit some of your points...I think Blackmon can play the game, but I still think that there are character issues that are going to be a problem. I heard the same radio broadcast that you did and I found him to be flippant. I may be wrong but I don't even think he mentioned the city by name, he sure didn't mention any of the coaches or anyone he met with. And Joe Haden was fired up from day one. I predict Blackmon will be a holdout if he came to Cleveland. In short, I'm not sold on him.

      I will admit, that Edwards is a knucklehead but he does deserve props for keeping his word to those kids. Good for him and I tip my hat.

      Next week this time should be a doozey...

      Thanks again for reading!