Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Cleveland Indians Tweetup?

My last post was trying to determine how to get fans to the ballpark.  The idea that everyone latched on to (myself included) was a tweet up of monumental proportions. In my post I commented on how cool it would be to try and break the world record, that is currently held by Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions. Before I go in to what it would look like, let's chat about how people would find out about it.

If the Indians were to try for some sort of record, the city, in addition to Indians fans can get behind it. The tribe would need to work with their corporate partners to share it on their social media feeds. Get everyone talking about it. Include Positively Cleveland or other similar organizations to get the message out.

To be consistent, come up with a hash tag ahead of time, maybe #SocialTribe (or something cooler) and have people tweet and post the beejezus out of it. With some advance work, you won't be able to scroll down without seeing the hash tag.

Indians players, staff, fans - everyone would have a role in promoting the event. It is about beating Michigan after all.

In my humble opinion, the event should be free. 

Pick a weekend day and invite everyone to the ball park for the tweetup.

Through corporate sponsorships, offer tshirts for the first 2,500 people (crushing the old record). The shirts should be cool so people will wear them and hop in their cars and motor to the park once pictures start being shared. 

The best day would probably be an away game, so why not have a dollar dog afternoon? Put the game on the jumbotron. Give fans a chance to sit in a seat, dog in hand and check out the park. 

Open up the kids area for the rug rats to romp around. Have tours available of the ballpark (or certain sections). For the grown ups, how about a photo op at home plate? The tribe provides the bat, you provide the camera.

Involve the community, allowing the Horseshoe Casino to take over the wheel of fun. Various other groups (if they make sense) can have giveaways and games. Indians ticket reps would be on site everywhere, selling tickets to attendees at a special rate (could be the social media rate). Have some players like Mike Hargrove and Carlos Baerga on hand for autographs.

These are just little ideas, and it is late, but what do you think? Would you participate in a Tribe tweet up? Does it matter if it is for a record?

Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter.


  1. I think is sounds like a great idea... I also like the opportunity to purchase Tribe tickets at a reduced price. Let me know what I can do to help!

  2. I am all on board with this. The basic plan you have is deadly accurate; rich corporate sponsors. they aren't gonna throw the game on and discount dogs for free, they need to make the money back. so that brings us to how much staffing, running the park, etc. will cost and how many sponsors are needed to cover it. I like the idea of the tweet up to work on an off day game, but what about a practice run during a game at the park? with your following and a day far enough in advance, a hash tag, and other glitz and glam, it could be a potential motivator for corporate sponsors to get involved.

  3. I had so much fun at the Q during away games when the Cavs were in the finals. The way they handled those events sounds a lot like what you have in mind- and it was wonderful! I would absolutely be interested.

    I would also be interested in a Tweet-up for a home game. American Express utilizes social media to send out special offers. When a user tweets with a certain hashtag, Amex tweets back with a special offer. Maybe the Indians social media team could do something similar with a discount code for a certain game?