Sunday, June 10, 2012

Help Brunswick Families

As much as I make fun of Brunswick, it is my home town and like most home towns, when a tragedy hits, everyone bands together. 

I grew up in Brunswick and went to high school in Brunswick. I vividly remember those nights of freedom, telling mom and dad I was going to a movie and instead joy riding with friends. Music blaring, windows down, the cool night breeze taking any cares away with it. 

Hours before graduation this year, 4 kids, Blake Bartchak, Kevin Fox, Lexi Poerner and Jeffrey Chaya,  were killed in a car accident. The fifth student, Julia Romito, thankfully, survived. 

Throughout the town there are signs of remembrance, blue and white ribbons tied to anything possible (my mom tied one to our mailbox),  handwritten last words to friends lost too soon. 

Many people have asked what they can do for the families to pay for costs that they never anticipated. I know of two things right now. First, Bullseye Activewear is selling t shirts, created by Brunswick High School seniors for $15, with $10 of each shirt going to the families. The shirts have Blue Devils on Earth, angels in heaven printed on them and may be purchased by calling 330-220-1720.

Second, Panini's in Brunswick is having a great fundraiser. All food is free. Yes, FREE on Monday. The catch is they are asking patrons to donate what they would have spent on food (or more) to the families. Panini's is donating 100% of the profits to a memorial fund for the families of the crash victims. They will be serving from 11 am until midnight.

We all have to eat, so how about coming out to sun shine filled Brunswick on Monday?

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