Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Happens If LeBron Wins?

The airwaves in Cleveland were dominated by one thing today. Not the Jerry Sandusky trial. Not the first place Indians. No, nothing like that. The topic flying around was what will Cleveland do if LeBron and the Miami Heat win the championship tonight. 

Caller after caller lamented the vision of LeBron James hoisting the Larry O'Brien Championship trophy high above his head, buried in a sea of confetti being added to the Cleveland sports fail reel. As a Clevelander, I am very familiar with that montage of pain. Whenever a Cleveland team is failing or on the edge of doing well, the media trots out this reel of every Cleveland nightmare. Michael Jordan and the Shot (thanks Gatorade), Ernest Byner and his Fumble, and the latest segment, LeBron James and the Decision. 

In my opinion, if he wins, he has no business being tacked on our reel of shame. He is gone, and we have gone our separate ways. 

While we have gone our own way, please don't misunderstand me, I am still not a fan. When LeBron quit...and then left, he abandoned a fan base that loved him like no other. Old folks, little kids and everyone in between was in his corner. Dick wolly bear lovin weather wrangler Goddard even was in a video begging LeBron to stay, to finish what he started. DICK GODDARD. So, when James left, he became a rival for Cleveland. That was his choice.

The Miami Heat are now in the same category as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Tigers. If you think there is dislike toward LeBron James, I challenge you to go to the Muni Lot and proclaim your love for Pittsburgh.  

Whether LeBron James wins or loses tonight, he will never be a champion in my eyes. He will take his trophy back to Miami to the late arriving, white shirt wearing pseudo fans that will shoot off fireworks and yell for him. For a day. And then it is on to the next hot thing in Miami.



  1. Very good points. Hadn't thought of it like that about those bandwagon jerkoffs.

  2. Agreed. A champion doesn't tuck his tail and run when the going gets tough, unles your name is Lebron James.