Monday, July 9, 2012

100 Awesome Things - #87 Cleveland Chefs

Cleveland chefs Jonathon Sawyer and Michael Symon. Photo courtesy of Chef's Widow.
When you think of great food, you think of New York, Los Angeles and Cleveland? 

Yes, Cleveland.

The city of Cleveland may not have a winning sports franchise, but we have an amazing variety of rock star chefs, one of them Iron, I might add. Three Cleveland chefs, Jonathon Sawyer (owner of East 4th staple Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat), Michael Symon (Iron Chef, owner of B Spot, Lola, Lolita, general Food Network darling) and Rocco Whalen (Fahrenheit, Rosie and Rocco's, and the show Fat Chef) have joined to make going to a Browns game a little less gastronomically dicey. 

Each of the chefs will have two locations at Cleveland Browns Stadium for club and loge level dawg fans. The men will be hands on and involved to make a trip to the concession stand more than an over cooked soggy hot dog and heat lamp destroyed fries. 

Rocco Whalen is ready to cook for you
What makes this venture particularly awesome is these guys are Clevelanders making a difference in Cleveland. The new food stands very easily could have been chick-fil-a or dear God, something Bobby Flay inspired *shudders*. Instead, the Browns and Aramark looked at keeping it local.

I like that.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that these guys are awesome.  The chefs will also be handling the catering for special events at the Stadium and all I can say to that is I bet dried out banquet chicken will be a long distant memory.

The new stands will be in place by the end of the mouth for a concert at the Stadium, and I'm eager to see that they will impress.

Good luck and go Browns!


  1. We have an amazing restaurant scene in C-town and I LOVE IT! It's what makes up for the frigid winters and the Browns : )

  2. I agree Crystal! I will probably get my nourishment in the Muni, but great to see that there are amazing options. Now, if I could only find my sugar doggie to get me in the club LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing... I'm getting even more excited about the move to Cleveland. I re-posted your article with my own thoughts here: