Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Fun - Indianapolis

This is an on going feature here at the pierogi, I shuffle through my photos and pull something random out.

Since the weather is currently so ridiculous, this seems like a perfect set of pictures.

There are tons of reasons to live in the downtown area of any major city. There are great restaurants and shops, cultural activities, sporting events and the amazing lack of tornadoes.

For some reason tornadoes ignore tall buildings and heavily populated areas and go for the country.  When I lived in downtown Indy, there was a ferocious storm, rain and hail followed by apocalyptic winds. Fortunately, it was late at night and I believe on the weekend, with no one injured. 

The weather folks swore up and down that there was no tornado, and called the weather event straight line winds, to which everyone in the city stood up and cried, "Shenanigans!"  From the pictures you can see it blew the bejeezus out of the windows and littered the streets with the contents of the offices.  

It is still hard to believe no one was hurt. 

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