Thursday, September 27, 2012

Manny Acta Out, Sandy In

The practice field in Goodyear. Mine so don't yoink.
Today, the Indians showed Manager Manny Acta the door and slid Sandy Alomar, Jr. in his place and all I can think of is my old boss.

By all accounts, Manny Acta is a pretty even keeled guy. Rarely does he gets his feathers ruffled during a game. Some people would say he was to calm. He had no fire.

That is where my old boss comes in. I worked for a guy that managed his life under the premise that everyone is out to screw you, therefore you have to make them think twice before messing with you.

This guy yelled and screamed and threw a wide variety of objects so often that he was a cross between Gordon Ramsey and Eric Cartman on a daily basis. His main complaint with me was that I didn't yell at people. "Yelling garners respect!" he would scream until he was red faced and on the verge of hyperventilating. I will tell you, he did have people quivering in front of him. I witnessed him tear seasoned salesmen into little shreds coated in tears of shame.

I don't really know if people hopped around like mad jumping beans for him because he yelled or because he was the owner and was known for firing people at a whim.

I can't blame the entire collapse of the Indians on Manny Acta. Yes, he needed to be more vocal at times to show the team that he was behind them. But, I don't know what went on behind the scenes, other than I don't think he ever took a bat to the urinals and bust them into smithereens.  The big question is would that have motivated the team? Does the Tribe need a fireball as a manager? Is Sandy any more energetic than Manny?

You can't solely blame Manny for the teams meteoric crash to earth. I think the players have just as much of a role. And please, don't get me started on the disruption known as Chris Perez.

Someone had to take the fall for the Indians' failure this year, and that is Manny. Is it fair? Is it the right move?

In the immortal words of every Cleveland sports fan...I'll be waiting for next year.

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  1. I think the firing of Manny was the right move. I have been finished with him since he did not protect Hannahan in the series in New York. I also questioned some of his moves for strategy. Why would he bring a righty to face a lefty or bring rookies in certain situations. Stuff like that. He did the same moves in Washington and could not produce a winning season there as well. Is it all Manny's fault? Of course not. You can only do so much with what management gives you. Trading for Lowe, signing Damon 5 years too late, or waiver pick ups like Lilibridge or Maine are not going to help this team. Their drafting is nothing write home about either. Trades are awful as well. The CC trade only Brantley has come out on top in that deal. LaPortaJohn is a bust as were the other two prospects. Cliff Lee, I knew how bad the trade was going to materialize because I live in the Lehigh Valleyy and have seen Carasco, Lee, and Lou Mar play. None of them were Major League blue chip pieces. Ubaldo, well if you add White and Pomeranz's numbers together in Colrado they equal Ubaldo's numbers. A bust for both sides though I would have never traded two blue chip prospects for a guy that a half of good season. Management needs to be held accountable as well. As for Perez, he is right what he says but he goes about it all wrong. Some, a lot of comments should not be public.