Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Excuses Pat Shurmur

I really hate to be the one to call for someone to be fired. I know that everyone has a family and bills to pay, but I have reached my shattering point.

I am so incredibly angry over today's loss that I am not sure what to do. I am the kind of angry that is reserved for when you drop your car keys into a full porta potty, fish them out only to remember that you are out of hand sanitizer and then you slam your own hand in the car door.

The amount of excuses that have been floating around are both ridiculous and sad. It is sad that we have accepted margins of mediocrity for success.

Here are a few of the usual excuses and my thoughts:

We are getting better. My response: WE LOST. We have been using this one every year since 1999. We are not getting better. We are just finding more spectacular ways in which to lose.

We are a young team. I DON'T CARE. Put toddlers out there. It can't get much worse. This is the National Football League. These guys are professionals. Get some one in there that knows how to do the job.

We have new ownership, give it time. All due respect to Mr. Haslam, I DON'T CARE. I am old enough that I heard this one before. Respectfully sir, you have a short leash.

But, Clock Management is hard. Yes, and so is math, which is why I'm not a friggin mathematician. Buy the man a gosh darned watch. Hire an intern to poke him with a sharp stick.
Whatever it takes. Why Big Daddy Holmgren has never stepped in I will never know. Oh wait, yes we do...

Ok, but good coaches take risks, give Shurmur a break. Hmm...well you first learn how to ride a bike before you pop a wheelie and jump your bike over the other neighborhood kids. Know what happens if you just try to be a trick rider before your training wheels come off? A lot of little kids go to the hospital and angry parents chase you with baseball bats. The man needs to get the basics down before he takes risks.

The team is showing improvement, you have to admit that. Yes, you got me, they have climbed from the bottom of the full outhouse to about the toilet seat. Sure it is an improvement, but guess what? Still stinks.

What about the draft next year? I heard there is a great QB crop. What about I kick you in the cookies until you cry? That is what I think about next year's draft.

I'm beyond my limit with the excuses for this team. I will always be a fan, but that doesn't change the fact I want to be attached to a winner. Just once before I die.



  1. Every criticism is 100% warranted, but I always look back and try and put everything I am seeing in perspective. I always ask myself these questions before getting too far into hating Pat Shurmur.

    1. Are the Browns better this year than last?
    2. Is the scheme good? Poor execution?

    In the end, this is Pat Shurmur's 2nd season and really only his first off season. Some of his play calling is suspect, some of his clock management is suspect, and some of his game time decisions are suspect. If you think back and look at Bill Belechik's (sp?) first 3 seasons, he had losing seasons. 1994 was his only winning season as in '95 Modell effed any possibility of a winning season by announcing the move. But once wins start to pile up, people forget the first three seasons that needed to happen to get there.

    This isn't a be patient thing. I think our anger at the Browns' loss was just us feeling foolish for putting expectations on a team after one win. This is a young team, young coach, and shiny new owner. I think Weeden is a good QB, he isn't getting help up front, and his receivers are dropping balls like it is a pair of pants at a night club.

  2. Part II:

    I think out downfall with Lerner was that we hired people (Holmgren, Mangini, Davis) that had never done somethings and let them create their own job. I think the biggest change will be that Haslam will bring in people to do the jobs they are terrific at. Holmgren was a great coach and was inevitable forced into retirement when given the reins to be the GM/Coach combo. Holmgren was pout into a position to act as the deFacto owner.

    I think there is great potential in this team, I feel good about it. Penalty mistakes were not on Shurmur, they were on the rookies making rookie mistakes.

    Mangini didn't have that many penalties because he had a team full of old 30 year olds.