Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cleveland Running Company & My Adidas

A week or so ago, I announced my intention to consider the possibility of doing the couch to 5 k program. After further careful consideration, I decided I needed new shoes to solidify my decision. Like most non-serious running types I usually select my shoes based on color and then whether or not they are comfy. Not the wisest of moves especially since I'm now in one of the upper age brackets and I don't want to crack a hip.

At the suggestion of some friends, I went to the Cleveland Running Company's Ladies Night to get some free stuff and shoes that wouldn't cause me to break my ankle as a I careen down the track at the rec center. I have no shame in saying that the thought of going into a specialty store scared the beejeezus out of me. People that are hardcore anything intimidate me and I was worried I would be laughed out of the shop with my clueless questions.

Much to my surprise, everyone in the store was helpful and non-judgey shoes. After a series of standing on one foot and balancing and other movements I found a little kooky, the manager told me that I need a neutral shoe. No extra bells and whistles were needed for me, which was a relief since the last sporting goods store I went into, the sales person said she could tell how much support I needed (a lot) just by looking at the bottom of my feet and then proceed to recommend the most expensive pair in the joint.

I tried on a wide variety of shoes with an incredibly knowledgeable guy (although he did make me a little stressed with his barefoot shoes). It came down to a pair of Adidas or a brand of running shoe I never heard of.

Both shoes worked out fine but I went with some Adidas because it is a brand that I am familiar with and as shallow as this sounds, the other shoes looked like clodhoppers. I determined I had enough working against me and I needed every advantage I could get. If I got one giggle on the treadmill at my clodhoppers, I would never be back.

The Adidas that the guy brought out for me to try were *bright* pink. I haven't chosen that color of my own volition since I was older enough to tell my mom to stop dressing me like a goober. I wanted the red and gold ones as an homage to Iowa State (bowl bound by the way). No luck in my size for the red ones because they were last season. This season? Adidas has decided that all women want to be 12 year old rug rats and all of their shoes (at least in the style I wanted) are to be pink or purple. Pink and white. Purple and white. Purple and black. The poor guy dragged me through the entire catalog after seeing my sadness. I looked at a different style...white with orange...close to browns colors, that would work. But, of course it was last season and the new ones are ... wait for it...purple.

The Cleveland Running Company was incredibly helpful trying to find a non pink or purple shoe.

 As you can tell from my cat, Bernie's inspection, I took the pink ones. It was pink Adidas or clodhoppers. I would like Adidas to hear me loud and clear in that not every woman wants to go back to age 12, dreaming of sparkly butterflies while dancing around my room in pig tails looking for the perfect place to hide my diary with cute little purple or pink Adidas shoes. Please tell your marketing team to stuff it.Or maybe, just maybe, talk to some real women. Just a thought. A very cranky thought.

I'm thankful that the Cleveland Running Company made my shoe shopping experience relatively painless and honestly for not judging me. They seem like a great group of people, passionate about running and willing to help anyone find a little of that passion as well.

Stay tuned for my further adventures, and if anyone has any training tips, please share them in the comments.


  1. You should consider signing up for the Cleveland Marathon 5K in May. It ends on the field at Browns Stadium! Plenty of time to train for it.

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