Saturday, January 26, 2013

Verizon Customer Service Gets A Wow

I'm not going to lie.

I can be a customer service worst nightmare. I expect a lot because I am coughing up my hard earned money and, more importantly,  I have been in their shoes. I have worked in retail, bars and restaurants and I get it.

I painfully understand what it takes to deal with someone that is truly frustrated with a product or service and someone that is a jackwagon. My first job, working at Marc's in Middleburg Heights, taught me that people can be jerks. Plain and simple jerks. A highlight was a woman that threw 25 dog bones at me because she thought they were 25 for .99...they were 25 for $1.

So, before you call me a jerk, know that if I am irritated by service, in a restaurant for example, I take into account if the server is in the weeds, if they are the only one on the floor, etc. I never blame a server for a crappy steak. However, I also can tell when my food is cold because the server spent all her time griping about her hangover and questioning where she left her car to the hostess.

I recently received *amazing* service from Verizon Wireless and I wanted to share. Well amazing service after craptastic service.

This year, I left T-Mobile after being with them since before they were T-Mobile. My first cell phone with them was a giant thing. You had to puuulllll out the antenna and there was even a switch for when you moved from one zone to another, in short, I was with them for quite awhile. The final straw for me with them was a rather ugly encounter with a customer service rep. I tried to explain how many years I had been with them and I didn't want to leave, but unless the service improved I would have to. The response was, if you don't like it, fine go to another provider.


Enter Verizon Wireless.

For the most part, they have been pretty helpful, although at least with Verizon, I have learned you only want to deal with Corporate Stores. There may be good franchise ones out there, I just don't have the time time to find them.

This past week, I put Verizon to the test and great googily moogily they succeeded...for the most part.

During TribeFest, my phone started acting, for the lack of a better descriptor, wonky.  By the end of the weekend, it had crashed and set up its own password. If there is one thing we learned from Terminator, that is not good.

I jumped directly to panic and stopped by the Verizon Store in my home of Brunstucky to get help. The staff there tried to assist.


The young man told me that he could hard reset the phone but I would lose everything on it. Awesome. He also told me it was a common thing for phones to decide on their own passwords. While he worked on resetting the device, his co-worker told me how much my phone sucked.

Anyone that is with me for five minutes or so could attest to me being a smart phone junky, so dude #2 telling me how much my phone sucks probably wasn't the best move. Dude #2 also told me (with the support of Dude #1) that since my phone was soooooooo full of suck that they could sign me up for yet another line (I have 3...I did exactly what Judge Judy said not to and got phones for my rents), and I could pay $9.99 a month plus the cost of a new phone. Dude #1 told me I needed a new sim card (what I originally asked for) but said he didn't have any since my phone was obsolete.


I politely declined their upsells and took my newly reset phone, with over 1,200 pictures deleted, home and sent a tweet to my friend VerizonAl.

Ok, his real name isn't VerizonAl, it is Alex,  everyone in the interweb knows him as Verizon Al. Alex is a friend I met in the friendly confines of Twitter and I have hung out with in real life. He is a pretty cool guy, so I felt completely comfortable freaking out on him about my phone.

After my freakout, someone from the Verizon Social Media Team (awesome) contacted me via twitter about my wonky phone. This is where is gets weirdly awesome kids...they were incredibly helpful.

I know, I'm going to pause for a second. A wireless company that was helpful.

They walked me through all the possibilities and then gave suggestions and promised to follow up.

Shockingly, Verizon did follow up with me. My phone was still wonky and I honestly thought I was screwed. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July so I buckled up, getting ready for the hard sell on a new phone, a new plan with some 8 year contract, in general, I prepared for nonsense.

This is where the wow comes in. I was thrown off guard by their apologetic niceness. By the end of the conversation, I was offered a one time replacement of my phone.


My beloved out of warranty phone was being replaced and shipped overnight to They also shipped me a new sim

I couldn't be happier if I had a bean bag chair shaped like a pierogi.

Ok, that would make me happier, but you get the point.

I have a nice working phone and better yet, I received great customer service.

Like it or not Verizon, you are stuck with me.

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