Friday, February 15, 2013

Tribe Bloggin

I have some amazing news to announce.

Well, news I think is amazing. It is the type of news that falls into the once-in-a-lifetime-you-never-know-unless-you-ask – like-your-mom-always-told-you category.

A few months ago I started floating the question to the Cleveland Indians that since I will be at Spring Training and they will be at Spring Training and since I have a blog and they have a blog, how about letting me blog for them while I am there?

Lucky for me, they answered – and said yes.

So favorite friends, while I am in Goodyear, AZ for Indians Spring Training in March I will be writing several posts for the Indians for their blog, Tribe Vibe.  It will be stuff like how to get an autograph to what it is like at a Spring Training game. There will be some surprises in there, so stay tuned.


I should add that the Indians aren’t funding my sunshiny baseball adventure. I will already be in Arizona with my best friend and my pop for Spring Training.

I’m very grateful for the Indians to let me take this opportunity and run with it.

Check back here and on TribeVibe in 17 days.

Not that I am counting or anything…


  1. Holy crap that is awesome news!! I'm super jealous but very happy for you. :) I'm definitely going to be looking out for your posts. Some day I will make it out to Spring Training, sounds like a blast!

  2. Thank you! I am incredibly excited. I truly can't wait for Spring Training. I need a break for sure