Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To Buy Or Not To Buy Online

There is a right way and not so right way to pack.
Last year, I went on a  rather unfortunate trip to Atlanta in which my boss, made us traipse through out the city with our luggage. My poor bag went bouncing down cement stairs, sidewalks and across a grassy field. That was it. After 15 good years, my Eddie Bauer rolling bag gave up and refused to ever travel again.

Flash forward (which was an awesome show by the way) to today, where I am panicked trying to plan my trip to Arizona for Spring Training. If there is one nugget of wisdom that my age and experience has taught me it is that life is too short for cheap luggage (and shoes for that matter, that's a bonus). I learned this particular lesson in a painful fashion trying to drag an over stuffed garment bag through the Atlanta Airport (I am sensing a theme here) during construction for the Olympics. I have no shame in telling you I was sobbing while dragging that monstrosity around. All because I thought I was too cool for wheels.

If you learn nothing else from me, take this...invest in at least one good piece of luggage with wheels. There will be a point that you will thank me. Maybe it will be a far off business trip or the dream vacation. But there are few pains more preventable than the strap divot from a shoulder strap.

I consider myself a savvy shopper and found the perfect bag at Eddie Bauer. The LL Bean one was a close second, but all of the Bean reviews were complaints that the bag would flop over and couldn't sit, and I don't need that. The two bags were the same price, but I found out Eddie Bauer didn't offer free shipping. Boo to that. When a google-fu search for online coupons turned up nothing, I sent a quick message to Eddie Bauer and said if they give me free shipping, I'll buy the bag. Otherwise, off to LL Bean I go. 

Eddie Bauer of course, gave me a one time shipping code and I giddily placed my order.

Then, I received an email that it was back-ordered. Then, it went on sale, then it was back ordered again. Grrrrrr. I cancelled my order and started calling stores and imagine my surprise that they were in stock. AND less expensive.


The same bag, if I didn't bother to ask for free shipping online would have clocked in at around $175 (including tax), was only $120 (including tax) in the store.

I know math is hard, but that is a $55 difference on the exact same item. I don't know about you but $55 is a heck of a lot of pierogies.

Have you ever come across something like this? Whew.

14 days until I put my new bag to use. Not that I am counting or anything...


  1. My "too smart for his own britches" son sings the online shopping is the only way to shop song to me all the time. I admit that it has it's place - but, it's one way to shop.

    There are many things you just can not buy online unless they are replacing an item physically purchased. Shoes, office chairs and cologne/perfume to mention a few. Last year Sonny boy attempted to prove me wrong. He wanted a new cologne and spent time chosing his new scent by comparing reviews online. He told me it was easy. The people that enjoyed his current cologne also liked the new untested cologne.

    Are you kidding me? That is not a way to buy such an expensive investment... the fact that people spend time writing reviews about cologne alone makes me question their character.

    Did he listen to me..take my advice to run over to the May Company for quick walk through, you ask? Be serious! No.... and that bottle is has a 1/2 inch of dust on it and the fluid has yet to go down a milisquirt.

  2. I love scoring a deal - great job! That's one lucky bag - you took it on a great 1st trip!!!!