Sunday, April 21, 2013

Internet Fun

 This past week has been traumatic and dramatic on the internet. Stories of kids that were bullied online and the committing suicide to the horror of the Boston bombers. We have all been buried in far too much information, drowning us with pictures, videos and presumptions.

When the real world gets to be too much, there are a few websites that you can click on to put life on the shelf for a couple of moments.

Des Hommes et des Chatons is a tumblr that very simply pictures handsome men with their cat counterparts.  Well worth a look, but a word of warning, there are a few naked male hineys. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Before VFX contains photos of blockbuster movie scenes with out the visual effects. It is hard to imagine a time that movies weren't full of stunning visuals. This site points out what is involved, which explains why movies take so friggin long to get to the screen.

Selfless Portraits is probably the most creative and collaborative random site that I know of.  Strangers from all over the world volunteer to recreate someone else's facebook profile pic. Some are hilariously funny and some are hilariously awful. All interesting and creative.

National Geographic Found features random pictures from all varieties and time periods from the National Geographic archives. I love the photographs from the 40s and 50s in particular.

Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures Of Food is just that. Hipsters trying to get the perfect shot of their noodle bowl.  Bonus points for a knit hat and fancy filter.

Texts From Dog has been around for awhile and there is even a book out. I thought about starting a Text From Cat, but my cats could really care less.

What are some of your favorite websites to hang out on?

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  1. Damn you autocorrect is always good for a laugh.

    Also I enjoy for cool pics of awesome people reading.

    and is a must