Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reality TV Is Naked And Afraid

First contestants on Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid.
Just when I think reality tv has covered every angle of every subset of the population, I get a shocking nudge that there is so much more to gawk at.

Discovery Channel's latest is called Naked and Afraid.  The premise of the show is that 2 people, one man and one woman, are dropped in the middle of ridiculously harsh conditions to survive on their own for 21 days. No food, no water and dear beejeebuz, no clothes. And the prize? The prize is nothing more than bragging rights.

The first episode featured Shane and Kim, both fit and full of wilderness knowledge. I know I mentioned it before, but these people are naked. Not even a pair of flip flops.  This makes watching it a bit of a challenge. You do see hiney shots and Kim made herself a snazzy little leafy number so there wasn't a lot of pixelation.

After a few days, these two strangers became a bitter divorced couple forced to spend time together. Shane became incredibly angry as the time went on, upset that he had to do everything. A burden he placed on himself. He can be seen muttering and planning the destruction of the Discovery Channel as the days went on.

Kim seemed to take more of a hippy stance on her situation. Well, until she broke down in a crazy sobbing fit, which proved Shane's point that girls are useless except for making sammiches and babies.  Near the end of their stay, Kim captures and kills a turtle for their dinner and makes the mistake of eating all the turtle organs. Yuck. This results in a horrible bout of turtle food poisoning, which again sends Shane into a rage that he is man roooarrr and man must do everything rooooaarrr.

Watching the show, the same thought went through my mind over and over and can they do this without shoes? How are they not stepping on spiders. The other thought was if the program was on a time delay like Sky Wire, because I was certain that the monkeys were going to swing down from the trees and eat their brains.

I'm not sure what this says or doesn't say about me, but I have never had the desire to test myself in such away. I have no desire to spend 21 days in the jungle to see if I could survive.

I'm intrigued enough in the concept of Naked and Afraid that I will watch again from the safety of my living room.

 On a side note, if you want to google info on the program, do not, I repeat, do not do a google search of Naked and Afraid.

Just. Don't.


  1. I watched the first five minutes after Skywalk. Then they opened their mouths to start bad-mouthing each other. Like every other reality show out there. I quickly changed the channel.

  2. I stayed around for a few minutes after that. It is an amazing experiment in how people de-evolve in days.