Thursday, June 6, 2013

Winter Soldier of My Discontent

I love Cleveland.

I love superhero movies.

I love superhero movies in Cleveland.

I do not love super-sized traffic snarls caused by superhero movie shooting.

I understand the positive economic impact on the city and the general positive publicity the movie provides.  I get it. I promise I do. But with my commute stretched to 2 hours each way, I have to tell you, at this very moment, I do not give a star spangled fuzzy rat butt about Captain America. And I know that some guy in Cleveland Heights plopped down on his barcalounger in his underpants, one fist shaking at the Heat/Spurs game and the other one at me, but I don't care.

This commute is going to be the death of me, or at the very least cause my eye to pop out in a rage. No matter which way I go around town, there is something blocking me. There have been so many accidents and disabled semis, I envision abandoning my car and just walking back to Brunstucky.


Yes, I am grateful that a movie is being filmed in Cleveland. Yes, some businesses are doing awesome things for commuters. Yes, I should just roll with it. But I swear to all that is warm and fuzzy in this world that I can't take this commute much longer.

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  1. My commute from the west side is just a few minutes longer. Sounds like you need to move into the city and become a real Cleveland Chick.

  2. I feel you. I see two main issues here. One is the City. It has become clear that they did no planning or research on the impact of closing the shoreway both ways, and that is on the them. I have no issue with Captain America, they said this is what we need and it is the City's responsibility to protect itself. The other issue is the drivers. Cleveland drivers are not used to traffic jams. They do not know how to drive in traffic. You do not "block the box" and you let people turn. If everyone did that it would make everyone's drive a lot easier but Just one more week to go.


  3. We should get free passes to the movie. It's the least they could do :)