Monday, July 8, 2013

The Decision - 3 Years Later

Three years ago, the city of Cleveland was on edge waiting for the self-proclaimed King to make The Decision. We all know how that worked out.

Here is what I am thinking about on the anniversary of one of the highlights of the Cleveland Sports Fail Reel.

  • Even after 3 years, I am confident in saying I hate that shirt. It is reminiscent of a wannabe hipster's picnic table cloth.
  • There is not a snocone's chance in the desert of Lefoolio coming back to Cleveland in 2014. Do you hear me true believers? He is not coming back. After everything that went down between Dan Gilbert and Lefoolio, do you honestly believe one of them would take a bite of a giant humble poo pie to make it happen? 
  • It was nice that he convinced his sponsors to use their money to support the Boys and Girls Club. It is wonderful that he finally found philanthropy deep in his soul. It would have had more of an impact if he had a relation to those kids sitting on the gym floor.
  • I'm not angry at him. I don't wish any ill to come on his family. That shiz isn't cool kids.
  • I do, however, wish his debilitating elbow injury would flare back up for a couple of games.
  • Lefoolio is not coming back. I'm not sure if you heard me earlier. But he isn't. Do you remember what it was like in Cleveland during the feeding frenzy of hype surrounding him? That nonsense would have done Shark Week proud. Remember the kids in the Nike commercial, lining up to get 23 painted on their faces? The old folks cheering his last second shot? That stuff brought a tear to my eye. A TEAR.
  • For all the kids that received detentions for tossing powder in the air at their games, remember what he meant to the city. None of that could get him to stay. If the "Clevelanders sing" video didn't stir something in his heart nothing will. If you aren't moved by Dick-Don't-Kill-Wollybears-Because-They-Are-Your-Friends-And-Support-Your-Local-Animal-Shelter-Goddard singing to you, I don't want any part of you.
  • I wish he would have acknowledged Cleveland. I like to think with age comes wisdom and someday, he will be thankful for what he left behind. But, I doubt it.
  • It stings a little that he gave up in Cleveland, and that ring could have been ours. Kinda like the Ravens.
  • I can admit the Lefoolio is a good player. Ok, ok, a great player. But, he doesn't have heart. Colt McCoy and his San Francisco noodle arm have more heart than Lefoolio. McCoy on the sidelines throwing to his dad when he was a Longhorn is the stuff of legend. He wanted nothing more than to play and be part of the team. Lefoolio? Only if it is convenient for him.
  • I don't believe that Lefoolio was prepared for the city to turn on him. He honestly believed his own fantasy of Cleveland giving him a send off parade, throwing glitter in the air as he floated by.
  • No matter how many rings he may win, he will always be a quitter to me. He gave up. 
  • I hope he learned that honesty is the best policy. If he would have been honest about his intentions - that he wanted to win right now and he wanted to do it with his buddies - that would have been more tolerable than the he woke up and after talking to his mama decided South Beach was the best option.
What are your thoughts on this anniversary?

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