Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cars Go Crash

Scully investigating a crash.
I let my pop borrow my car and he ended up totaling it.

No one was hurt and the person he hit drove home with barely a scratch. My car however, looked like the Hulk played SMASH with the hood. It was completely peeled back and scrunched like an accordion.


When I went to see the car, there was no damage from the behind or the sides. When I looked at it straight on, one headlight shoved in the engine compartment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude because no one was hurt. My poor pop feels awful, but it was an accident and it happens.

And then, I considered vomiting on the engine. I kept it together, but barely.

Coughing up the keys to a fabulous Ford.

I have a lot of ridiculous not fit to blog stuff going on right now, and buying a new car does not fit in my life equation. Not. At. All.

After much google fu and a few heart palpitations, I found a car in my budget. A 2003 Ford Taurus. I now look like your friendly government employee rolling down the street. Well, that is if they weren't furloughed. Ahem.

I waited to hear back from a good friend that is the car whisperer, and once he gave me a thumbs up, I bought the car.

Even though it was the cheapest thing with wheels on their lot, the peeps at Serpentini in Strongsville were good to me. My guy, Tom, was the anti-sales dude, and was polite, friendly and unpushy. They made a stressful decision a little less. But, maybe that is the  diet pepsis I had while making up my mind.

Here is a fun trick -buy a car and pay with cash. And by cash, I don't mean check or money order, I mean crinkly and wrinkly greenbacks. No one knows what to do when someone doesn't pay with a card.
My new to me car drives like a tank (which is good because we are going to get destroyed this winter, I'm calling it) and it has a cd player and moon roof so rock on like Donkey Kong

The big issue however, besides feeling like an out of town chick on business, is that the car was owned by a stinky smoker. Ok, I don't know if the smoker was stinky as a person, but the smoke is still left in the car.

I have tried all sorts of things; volcanic rocks,  sprays, gel thingies, and I'm getting ready to try the coffee grounds in the back seat. Someone told me vinegar works, but that seems like going from one stinky thing to another. I really don't want to walk around smelling like a boardwalk french fry.

So readers, any suggestions for getting stinky smoke smell out of my car?

Leave me a comment.
A moment of silence for my Saturn.


  1. If you can afford it, take it to a full service car wash & have it detailed. Tell them the problem and they will go at it. Could cost you 80-100 bucks. Some people use products called Ozium and Atmosclear, but warnings said to spray every inch of cloth interior, which would probably take a ridiculous amount of the stuff. Open containers of dry coffee & open containers of baking soda were recommended too. They also suggested windex-ing the interior glass and hard surfaces. Ug, smoke is awful.

    1. Thank you for the advice. I'm trying the coffee right now. If I can't get it out, I may turn to the professionals. Ugh. It is weird, it smells like my grandma's old car.