Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To Pee In A Tent, Or Not To Pee In A Tent

An unidentified pee tent in the Muni Lot. 
To pee in a tent, or not to pee in a tent: that is the question:
Whether to endure the lines and lack of hand sanitizer
The City's provided porta potties,
Or to take circumstances into our own hands,

By not using the porta potties? To pee, to pee;
No more lines; and by peeing, we do so in private
The horror of no toilet paper
Or worse, oh heavens, so much worse

To pee, to pee;
Not having a drunken oaf try to tip your porta potty over
That is worth a bucket of adult beverage end result
Floating into the grass

Devoted fans, week after week
To cheer: perhaps to win: that is the key
For to cheer for 4-6
Courage is required, and released

Until the City provides for well stocked
Clean; oh the importance of clean
Fans shall provide for themselves
One tent at a time, praying for victory

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