Monday, December 30, 2013

Candidly, I'm Skeptical

Thanks to @AmyTribeGirl for the screen grab.
Candidly Mr. Haslam, I am skeptical.

I believe you want your new possession to be a winning franchise. Winning equals money and I'm fairly confident that you like money. 

I am skeptical however, that you know how to get the job done. Rumor on the playground is that organizations you have been involved with may not do things in the *right* way. *CoughPilotCoughFlyingCoughJ*

Firing a first year coach with the quarterback carousel that the Browns yippee ki yaied on is like firing the new chef at your five-star restaurant after you plucked him out of the back of a MickyDs. I'm not dinging Chud here, but the dream team of Haslam, Banner and Lombardi had to know if what they were getting with a first year coach. 

If they didn't, they are catastrophically stupid. Maybe they threw Chud on the sidelines because he is a hometown boy and would keep the press off their backs until they could figure the thing out. 

Maybe no one told Mr. Haslam that owning an NFL franchise is a little more difficult than putting together a Stenstorp from IKEA. Maybe he thought he could chomp down some Moon Pies, wash them down with a little sweet tea, while checking his blackberry in his cozy suite. 

Whatever these gentlemen thought before today needs to be chucked out the window.

Tick, tock, sirs, the fans will not wait forever.

You are on the clock.

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  1. Chud is the Luke Fickel (interim and one season coach for OSU) of the Cleveland Browns. Not really sure what they expected him to do with the quarterback roulette. Accurate post about the situation :)