Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cleveland Choose Your Own Adventure

The first books that I remember flipping furiously through were the Choose Your Own Adventure series. These books allowed you to be the master of your own fate, all before nap time. 

With all of the Cleveland sports drama going on right now that will continue through the draft, here is another way we can control our fate of being a Browns fan.

I hope you enjoy reading this little adventure, and remember, this is all in fun.

A Cleveland Adventure

Sitting at Grumpy’s with a group of friends, you are absentmindedly pushing your blueberry pancakes around the plate. Your heart is crushed by another dismal Browns season, leading into an equally bleak offseason. You perk up when your best friend mentions recreating Mike Polk’s Factory of Sadness video. "That will help everyone feel better," he announces. 

Continue reading and begin the adventure here.

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