Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cigars and Sexism in Ohio City

More macho than Bruce Willis? Nope.
Cigars and macho go hand in hand like Valentine's Day and over priced roses. So, when a local cigar shop, Cigar Cigars,  created a series of ads for a sports talk radio station, 92.3 The Fan, I wasn't shocked that the spots were over the top sexist. 

The attitude of the spots (which are still running) are the basic, Me man, you wo-man, stop nagging me and make me a bacon sammich while you are barefoot popping out babies in the kitchen, online shopping at Vicky Secret and unloading the dishwasher. 

I thought they were tongue in cheek. I thought they were stupid, but making fun of the macho culture. 

Oh, dear readers, how wrong I was. 

According to MTAF Cleveland, a female fan had enough with the spots and wrote to the owner. 

Again, from MTAF Cleveland:

To Whom It May Concern:
Your commercials were extremely offensive to me as they portrayed women in the most unfavorable light. Not only do I listen to sports radio, but I purchase cigars for both myself and MALE friends. I will not be supporting your establishments, nor will I listen to 92.3 if I continue to hear these offensive commercials. It’s the new millennium, get with the times!!!!

Fair enough of a note. She went a little over on the explanation points, but there is nothing vulgar about her response. As a female sports fan, we have to put up with some garbage from male fans. This same station that ran the Cigar Cigars ad, also featured a call in with a porn actress that offered to bang the entire Cavaliers team if they make it to the playoffs. The hosts conducted the interview in the same manner as a 16 year old boy would from his locked bedroom. 

Heidi Klum, yes, women do smoke cigars.
This small business owner had several ways to respond to this fan. He could have apologized. He could have thanked her for her opinion. He could have flat out ignored her. 

But oh, no. The responder answered her email in the least professional way possible. 

Here is the company's response per the MTAF Cleveland article:

Subject: RE: commercials on 92.3 the fan
[Redacted Name]:
Your too much….you find the commercials offensive? That’s hilarious. You note is offensive. You really need to take a chill pill. Give me a break. What exactly do you find offensive? Spell it out! Naganation? Courage? Or Take a stand against post martial romance?

My guess is you complain about everything. TV shows…movies….When you look in the mirror….The size of your male friends _ _ _ _ _.

Over the years we have found more people like our commercials then dislike them. The commercials work so get over it. 

As far as a new millennium. ….gheez. That was pithy. 

We never had you as a customer so we are not losing anything.

It’s good to know FEMINAZISM is alive and well in Cleveland.
Best Regards,
Cigar Cigars
The Perfect Place To Rest Your Ash!


Take a minute and read that again. 

Not only is it poorly written, but it is outright offensive. The author of this email clearly is not interested in having women as customers. I'm not sure he wants women to be allowed out of the house unless it is to shop for laundry soap or steaks.

Am I a customer of Cigar Cigars? Nope. I smoke a few cigars a year, so I'm sure I don't matter to Cigar Cigars. I can assure you, however, that I will not recommend anyone to visit them.  There are plenty of other local shops that would get my support.

Since the ads are aimed at married men, I wonder what the wives will say after reading the shop's response to a female customer.


  1. Thanks for the article! After reading this I called Cigar Cigar and informed them that I would not shop at a business whose ads were even "jokingly" negative towards women. One of the owners, Steven (sp?), stated that these ads have subsequently been removed from the radio and that in the future advertisements will focus more on the community and events and less on trying to be funny (good call!). Looks like I won't be forced to travel all the way to Little Italy to stock up on stogies after all! :-)

  2. I also find these commercials offensive. This guy is a misogynist. He is also just plain stupid. The recent ads running on WMMS are the worst. He uses the word idyllic but pronounces it "idielic". What a douche.