Tuesday, August 11, 2015


One of the shippiest Scully and Mulder moments ever. 

Summer makes me think of driving. Rather, the joy that driving used to bring.

Now, driving is a frustrating, at times rage inducing, way to get to one place from another in a hurry. Always a hurry. Rush, rush, rush here. Eeeek. Rush, rush, rush there and back to here again while checking apps to find the cheapest gas and then shaking a fist at the pump while the car glug glugs my pay check away.

Driving didn't alway produce indigestion and migraines. 

Driving used to be fun.

Right around dusk, with the windows down, rolled down, with the right song on the radio, I'm transmogrified back to a teenager. 

The picture in my head is a slow motion movie of years gone by...a car load of kids.

Fighting over control of the radio, which for the record, always goes from driver to co-pilot.  

Driving through developments, cul-de-sacs and turning around dead end streets until it was time to go home.

Dropping passengers off, one by one, curfews not location determining drop offs.

Your arm sticking straight out the window, waving up and down with the air current, until the unfortunate bug splatting into your hand, resulting in squees of laughter.

I'm remembering those nights fondly as I'm looking out at the traffic zooming by. Wondering when I should leave to miss most of the bumper to bumper traffic.  

Monday, August 3, 2015

National Hamburger Festival Giveaway

Legend has it that in 1885, two brothers from Akron created a delicious sandwich - the hamburger.  This year is the 10th anniversary of the National Hamburger Festival in awesome, Akron, Ohio. 

The 10th Annual National Hamburger Festival presented by the City of Akron at Lock 3 Park, is this weekend, August 8-9. Admission is only $5 and children under 8 are free. The Festival supports Akron Children's Hospital. 

The event features 50 styles of hamburgers from over 20 eateries throughout Northeast Ohio. 50 styles of hamburgers. FIFTY. There is fun for all, including "Bobbing for Burgers" and the Ohio Amateur Hamburger Eating Contest (including a team from The Akron Fire Department!). For the grown ups, an Ohio Craft Beer Tasting and Indie Band Showcase is included on Sunday. 

Now for the fun part. The awesome folks at the Festival have given me a pack of four tickets to giveaway to one of you luck readers. 

There are several ways to enter...

1. Follow National Hamburger Festival and ClevelandChick on the twitter. 

2. Visit the National Hamburger Festival on the Facebook.

3. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite burger toppings are. 

4. Go to the Twitter and tweet : "I want @HamburgerFest tickets from @ClevelandChick! http://bit.ly/1M1OMDt #BurgerFest15 "

You can tweet once a day, and leave me a comment here for each of the tasks you complete. I let a computer pick the winner, so if you don't comment, it won't be included. 

The winner will be selected on Wednesday, August 5, at noon, so get tweeting!

*Disclosure: The awesome National Hamburger Festival peeps have given me a complimentary pack of tickets for my use as well as a 4 pack to give away. The words here are all mine, and I'm hoping very few of the burgers will have onions on them. I hate onions.