Thursday, June 2, 2016


If Abe Lincoln only spoke the truth. (Pic by the wildly talented, Mike Brenkus).

I'm excited.

I'm scared.

I'm nervous.

I'm a Cleveland fan.

As far as Cleveland fans go, I'm always the optimistic one. At the start of each season, I am *sure* that we will win it all. My dreams of this year, always seem to fade into next year, when the cycle repeats itself.

Cleveland deserves a championship. We don't deserve a championship in the sprinkles are for everyone sort of way. Trust me, growing up, Dairy Queen was only for winners. If you lost, you had to go home and help clean out the garage, visions of the other kids scarfing down dilly bars floating in your head. That was the lesson we all learned as kids. If you worked hard enough, tried your best, your time will come. It will eventually be your turn.

I can't imagine a city that has worked harder or had more faith than Cleveland.  The city I love is the Susan Lucci of the sports world.  Always so close to winning, but not quite close enough.

Our worst days, have been someone else's best. Our saddest failures are forever memorialized with titles like The Fumble, The Drive, The Shot - on an ESPN loop.   But now, the pieces have finally fallen into place. We have a championship caliber team, with more than just LeBron leading the charge.

As Cleveland fans, we cling to the notion of winning. We are proud of our teams, our city and most importantly ourselves. A championship for Cleveland is more than a title or a trophy. It is solid confirmation of what we have known all along.

That we are champions, and this is our year for sprinkles.