Monday, December 11, 2017

Do Good CLE

Cleveland on the night of the Cavs game 7 win.
On Thursday, December 14, let's make a difference in our little corner of the world with #DoGoodCLE day. Use the day to post, tweet, snap, insta or any other platform all the good out there. Post about your favorite museum that could use some new visitors. Tweet about the food bank you volunteer at. Instagram your latest find from the local business you love. 

Let's drown out the negative, if at least for one day.

Is #DoGoodCLE just online?
#DoGoodCLE is an online effort. Use the hashtag #DoGoodCLE with your posts so everyone can follow throughout the day and you can share your favorites! I'm by no means discouraging you from being awesome to the people you see in real life through out the day. Contact the folks at Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere if you need some ideas!

So, what exactly am I doing to support #DoGoodCLE?
Use your social media power to share the good in Cleveland! Your favorite spot to catch the sunset, the walking tour of Playhouse Square that you love, whatever it is, share it! Did you know that the best place in all of Northeast Ohio for crepes is Kelly's Cafe in Brunswick?  Let's help local businesses keep their dreams alive. 

Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?
I was reading the news online and read about a little girl that was bullied online and then committed suicide. The next story I read was the young man from the Salvation Army that was shot and killed in Cleveland. It was all too much. Here was a little girl that killed herself because of online bullies and then a young man that dedicated his life to service was shot dead, with his bible still in his hand. A BIBLE IN HIS HAND. Yes, I am online shouting, because I would have shouted that last part at you if you were in front of me. I'm not an particularly religious person, and that last part stuck with me. If there was ever a sign that maybe we all need to be better, that, in my opinion, is it. 

As for what's in it for me? Not feeling crappy about humanity is what I hope to get out this campaign. 2017 has not been my favorite year. My life has become, in a word, complicated. My family isn't in the best of health and my favorite person in the world has been diagnosed with a particularly awful disease that there is no cure for and there are more awful days than good days ahead. Then, my cat, Bernie, died. So, my gain out of all this is for people to be a little less awful to one another and to focus on what is good and amazing instead of awful and miserable. 

How can I get the word out?
Post using #DoGoodCLE on Thursday. Join the Facebook event and share your posts.  Over the next few days, share about the event so every can start thinking about what is awesome in our community. 

Sounds easy enough, but this really isn't going to change anything, right?
It is easy to do, and will we change the world? Probably not. Can we make it better for a bit? Absolutely. You never know how far a simple kind word can take someone else. Your motivation, by way of Facebook or Twitter,  could be that one little piece that restores someone else's faith. Never lose sight of that.

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